Dec 17, 2009


When one works all day in the city there's a whole secret suburban world you miss. Today I'm home for an appointment but really I'm just chillin'. It's an afternoon appointment so I went to the movies with DH. Ironically we saw Up In The Air. It's about a guy (played by the ever awesome George Clooney) who flys from city to city firing people. There are very funny points in the fick and I'm glad I saw it but it isn't exactly uplifting.
Anyway, coming out of the movie we saw this - a hallway full of strollers. Something about it and seeing the old ladies walking among them struck me. It's the secret of daytime suburbia.


Manise said...

The photo is kind of reminiscent of Disney World.

Sarah said...

That is a bit odd.

Manise is right. I remember that.

Carole Knits said...

How nice to sneak out and enjoy a midweek movie!