Dec 21, 2009

Given to Hyperbole

Truly the DC area has a well-earned reputation for panicking over report of possible snow. If there is the potential for even a few flakes there is a shelf-clearing run on the markets. Just try to find a carton of orange juice or a few eggs anywhere. And it's not unusual for them to announce the closing of the schools before the first snow hits the ground. We know this and usually we laugh because I rarely see enough snow here to keep me inside.

Not this weekend. Here is an what we woke up to on Saturday morning... then the snow really started to fall.


By the end of the day our deck looked a bit different. The snow came about halfway up the railings and completely covered the legs of the chairs at the table. We got about 16+ inches at my house. Do you know what this does for weather wimps like those in the DC area? Dead stop! No planes, trains, busses, cars. Nothing.

When we went out the first time during the day at about noon this is how far we got with the shoveling. Pretty impressive! Not! The snow was still coming down so fast at that point that it was hopeless. It got in your face and covered your footsteps immediately.


We went out a second time and DQ played in the snow a bit. Stinkette had already checked out the snow and concluded that it was no good for forts or snowballs and went inside.


We went nowhere the first day. No where at all! We stayed in watching movies, eating chili, and playing games. Enforced family togetherness at it's best. And there's more to come because the school system was true to form and threw in the towel late Sunday - no school Monday to Wednesday which means my girls are starting their winter break early.

Thankfully I have an office to escape to.


sprite said...

No snow day for you today, eh? We went out exploring both days and found things varied dramatically depending on who was plowing/shoveling. We live at a corner in Northwest and one street (admittedly a snow route) is absolutely clear down to the pavement and the other hasn't been plowed yet.

margene said...

While listening to the reports I thought of you and how you'd be impacted. Sounds like you did a nice job of coping.

Carole Knits said...

Wow, that's a long winter break! Good luck to you and Bruce.

Sarah-potterknitter said...

The first wave of snow we got on Friday was fantastic snowman snow! Husband built a 6' snowman with very little effort. We were hoping to clear the driveway out by rolling up big balls. But by the time the snow stopped on Saturday morning it had dried out and gotten too powdery to even make a decent snowball.

Manise said...

A very white winter break for sure! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sarah said...

I wondered how you all were enjoying the snow. Looks like you are all coping wonderfully.

Laurie said...

You sure got hit more than we did. Yes, it was cold and powder...great XC weather, which is what we did in the cul-de-sac, on the lawn, in the backyard, around the house just cuz.