Dec 30, 2009

Kiila - The Socks That Made Me Want to Scream

I'm finishing 2 felted projects right now and there is a second sock on the needles that may or may not get finished before the ball drops. Bottom line - this is probably my last finished object post for this year.

These are Kiila by Yarnissima in Malabrigo sock. I had a lot of problems knitting these sock. Partly because of the color I chose - Cordovan - which is lovely but makes it difficult to see the stitches. The other thing was the yarn itself. This Malabrigo yarn is gorgeous and soft but it's kind of gently spun which makes it difficult to work twisty cabley stuff. What can I say? You live and you learn and the next time you choose a better yarn for a project.


Even with the issues I had knitting these socks I count them as a win. Look at the definition that the twisted stitches give to the little cabley bits.


So clever to incorporate the gusset increases into a gently growing series of loops up the sides of the foot. Freakin' brilliant!


Aside from the issues created by a poor yarn choice I had lapses in knitterly attention that caused me to totally fudge the pattern on one leg (and elsewhere). This is not a pattern that you can knit with your attention split.

The sock feel really good on and nobody will notice the errors so I'm calling these a win.


Carole Knits said...

Those are gorgeous!

Manise said...

Love these socks!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a win; they are beautiful!

Sarah said...

If only all yarn lessons were so beautiful!