Dec 1, 2009

Home At Last

Da Girlz & GG BIt is so good to be home. Our visit to New York was extended due to the passing of my husband's grandmother in the early morning hours following Thanksgiving. She was ninety six and it wasn't exactly unexpected. She lived a long, full, life raising hell.

That may sound a little irreverent or inappropriate but truly, there is nobody in the family who wouldn't agree that to know Billie was to know drama of the highest order. She was mean and incredibly difficult. But she was also one of the strongest, most independent women I know. In a time when most women stayed home to care for their children, she was a working mother in a very demanding field. She was a furrier with her own line of furs "styled by a woman for women." I can only hope that my girls take inspiration from that and strive to blaze their own trail just as she did. That would be quite the legacy.

Although a funeral can't really be a positive thing, there were some definite benefits to this one. We got to see more family than we had expected and we got to spend some real quality time with them. We also missed all the post Thanksgiving traffic. All good things.


Carole Knits said...

She sounds like a pip. My sympathies to you and Bruce and the girls.

Laurie said...

*sympathies* The odd thing about difficult people is that you come to miss the good parts of them more poignantly.

Manise said...

Her tenacity certainly made it possible to realize a lot in life and was responsible for such longevity. My sympathies to you and your family.