Apr 21, 2006

Beware of Vicious Socks with Sharp Teeth

I was home yesterday attending elementary school with my daughters. Actually I was spending the one day per school year that I use to assuage my "working mommy guilt" by volunteering at their school in some way. This time is helped out in Stinkerbelle’s art class and ate lunch with Lindsey and her buddies in the school cafeteria. Notice I didn’t say I ate school lunch – I think that would be asking a bit too much from me. I am an adult and I reserve to right to bring St*rb*cks and a sandwich.

Art class was surprisingly interesting. Once upon a time I thought I might grow up to be an art teacher. I even have a degree to prove it. Sadly, I was asked for a hall pass one too many times while doing my student teaching and concluded that my (extremely) youthful appearance might not be an asset when trying to project authority. If art rooms then were as cool as the one I was in yesterday I may have thought twice. The teacher had a special camera that she did her demonstration under which projected it onto a big TV screen for the kids to see. How cool! My daughters school was redone last year and it shows. Everything is shiny and new and the supplies…oh the supplies. There was such an abundance of artsy stuff. I was in hog heaven.

You may notice that I refer to D #1 by her name and D #2 by a nickname. There’s no good reason for it except that Lindsey’s nicknames never really stuck. Daria IS the Stink. I often refer to her as Stink, Stinky, Stinkpot, Stink-o, Stinkerbelle or Monster. She answers to all of them. Yesterday I embarrassed Stink and kept doing so (unintentionally) throughout the class because I kept calling her Stinkerbelle. She kind of gave me a look the first time and I tried to stop but it’s a habit. Her friends were very amused.


P-word sox 2Pomatomus! It ought to be a curse word. I may have been a little cocky as I zipped along on this sock. NEVER DO THAT! It angers the knitting gods and they unleash bloody hell. I was approaching the toe of the sock when I realized that I had too few pattern stitches. WTF! So I found the error and frogged about 5-6 rows. Ok - lesson learned. Again I approached the toe and – I shit you not – I had too many stitches. Again WTF! Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Finally I got to the toe late last night and my yarn ran out! I will never be overconfident again! I promise. Just please make this stop!
The picture was taken right after the first frogging. As you can see I moved it to my beloved Addi circs during the frogging. I am in a full on panic now because I only have one more skank of the yarn (Koigu KPPM p216-73) and I’ll need another to finish the pair. I can’t find one anywhere! What do I do? Frog the whole sock and choose another yarn for the pattern? Find another color for the toes? Frog the sock and redo it with one less leg repeat on each?

Bag for F 2 At least I can report a little good news. I finished the bag on Wednesday night and I only have to do the handles now and felt it. As you can see in the picture it’s filled with yarn – Peaches and Cream. That can only mean one thing – I got my hands on the library’s copy of Mason Dixon Knitting yesterday. I put a hold on it a few weeks ago when the online record said it was in process. As far as I know, I’m the first to check it out. I love my public library!I’m gonna make a dish cloth this weekend while I ponder what to do about the vicious Pomatomus.


Emma said...

The sock looks beautiful. I'm so sorry you're having problems with it. I can certainly sympathize!

Melissa said...

The sock looks great!!!
My copy of Mason Dixon should be here soon (I pray it is in the mailbox when I get home) and then I'll be in pattern heaven!

Dipsy said...

Oh, your sock looks so gorgeous, such amazing colors you chose, perfect for spring! Sorry to hear about your problems with it, but you'll see, the end result is worth all the hassles!