Apr 19, 2006


Have you seen this survey yet? It’s a survey of sock knitting preferences. I took it this morning and realized that I don’t have many real, strong, sock knitting preferences – or knitting preferences in general. I do have an aversion to double pointed needles but I’m actually using them right now for the Pomatomus socks because Margene told me that the pattern really wouldn’t translate well to 2 circs. Unsurprisingly she’s right. I really expected using the dpns to be torturous but – here’s the surprise – I’m not minding them nearly as much as I thought I would. I turned the heel on the first sock last night and I find that it’s super-hard to put this project down. I still wouldn’t choose to use dpns unless ABSOLUTELY necessary but I can deal with them better than expected.

Anyway, back to the survey. I also realized that I’m very flexible on colors, needle size, knitting direction (toe up or cuff down). I guess I really am more of a process knitter. I’m not married to any one thing and I’ll do whatever is necessary for a project that interests me. If a pattern has a neat detail, looks unusual or challenging then I’ll do whatever is necessary to achieve success.

Blueberries 2I really have no good knitting pictures today so here’s one of the blueberry bushes instead. See all of the flowers. How cool is that? I took it the other evening (the same time as the first shot of Felicia’s bag) and the flash was sadly unavoidable. This is only one of three bushes so I suspect that there will be plenty of blueberries for all of my big plans.(anyone tried to dye yarn with blueberries?) I also think that I need to get myself to H*me D*pot soon to get a net for berry protection.


margene said...

Thanks for the link to the survey. It will be interesting to see the results. BTW, Cara said you can do it with 3 repeats each on 2 circs...I'm still not sure that's right.

Melissa said...

I want to learn to do socks with 2 circs so bad!! I just honestly haven't sat down and tried to figure it out yet. I need to do that though.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Ooo, thanks for that link to the sock survey! That will be interesting to watch. Being flexible is a good thing I think. I no longer have a preference for DPNs and am leaning towards 2-circs more often just because I get tired of breaking DPNs in my purse. But I enjoy the process of both types.

Your sister's embossed leaf socks look great, BTW!