Apr 24, 2006


I was all set to show you pictures of finished objects today. Sadly, I just realized that I left the camera cord at home. The pictures are therefore being held hostage by my camera.

The weekend was nice but rainy. Not just a little rainy - but torrential downpour rainy. Never-the-less we did all of the necessary errands and I finished the first Pomatomus sock and Felicia’s bag. I also gave in and ordered more yarn for the P sox. I’m hoping that it’ll get here as I near the end of the second sock. It’s the same color but a different dye lot so I plan to alternate the old and the new to blend it in a little. It should only be the toe anyway so I think it’ll work out.

With all of the projects that are calling my name, somehow a warshrag found itself on my needles last night. I have no idea how that happened. I also don’t know what I was doing while I knit it because my counting seems to be off and I think that I’ll be frogging that very same warshrag tonight.

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Anonymous said...

What is a warshrag?