Apr 5, 2006

Short row toe comparison

I finished the toe of the second sock last night. I tried to knit tighter on this one and I thought that the toe was better than the first until I took it out in the bright light of day and saw this.

Short row toe 2Short row toe  1
I was trying to compare the toe on sock one to that on sock two and I’m not sure if it really improved at all. I think that it looks nicer and yet more pronounced. That doesn’t seem right. I was hoping that the join would be less visible. What do you think?

No other real news to report except that I’m going to the hockey game tonight and I expect to make a lot of progress on the second Jet sock there. Let’s go Caps!

I came very close to buying more yarn yesterday but I managed to get a grip at the last minute and resist the impulse. I want to do the VK sweater but I’m really concerned about finding the right yarn in the right colors. I decided that I really need to go to the LYS and see it in person. The ‘net would be cheaper but the color representation on the monitor is unreliable.

BTW, did you see
this yet? It’s too cute for words.


Laura said...

Love your blog. I just surfed in and will stop by again!

Pennie said...

Cute socks . . . someday I hope to attempt to try them myself. Great blog enjoyed.

Melissa said...

Loved the yarn porn link. That was great! :)