Apr 29, 2006

Finished Pomatomi

Today I had all afternoon to sit in a lounge chair in the yard and work on my Pomatomus socks and they are finished. Hooray! I have to say that it took quite a bit of creativity and fudging to get there but I think that the finished product is one that I can be proud of.

Finished Pomatomi 3Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A.

Yarn: Koigu (color 216)
Dates: 4/15/06 – 4/29/06

Notes: As I turned the heel I realized that the original dye lot was running low so I started to incorporate the new one but alternating balls of yarn through the whole foot. I have to say that this worked well because the difference between the socks really isn’t so noticeable unless you know what to look for. As I started the toe I looked at the original ball and there was plenty left so I decided to finish with that ball alone. I nearly made it but I ran out one decrease (2 rows) short of the end point on the first sock. Thankfully, even though one sock is slightly shorter, both socks fit well.

Finished Pomatomi 1

I also strayed from the pattern in one other way – the needles. I have fat calves so I started the socks on size fours and switched to size 3 after the first repeat of chart A. After I finished the heel I made the final switch to size 2 needles. As you can see in the pictures, the fit is perfect. They are wide where I need it and gently taper down.

Finished Pomatomi

By the way, Aubergine did sell and I have no idea how much the winning bid was. I’m totally fine with that.


Emma said...

The socks are incredibly gorgeous. Amazing job. I love the colors!

Jess said...

Congrats on selling the bag!

Dipsy said...

Absolutely beautiful, you worked the pattern so evenly and neat, and the colors are amazing! Great work!
Oh, congratulations on selling the bag!

Krista said...

Your socks look amazing! I'm very jealous.

Esther said...

Your socks are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Great job! I love your blog, first time visiting.