Apr 3, 2006

Glorious blossoms

Today is a grey and ugly day here but it’s really quite alright because the weekend was glorious! We went to see the cherry blossoms on Saturday with thousands of other folks and it was a treat. I love being so close to the district that you can just hop in the car and be downtown in no time. We got to the basin and found a PRIME PARKING SPOT FOR FREE! The odds were crazily against us and yet there it was. It was certainly a sign of good things to come.

The day was really windy but the blossoms were out in full force. There were people everywhere. We’d stop every few minutes to take pictures ourselves or to avoid being in someone else’s. Words truly don’t do it justice so here are just a few of the pictures I took.
Cherry Blossom '06 mosaic

As I mentioned, it was super windy. At one point, as we gazed across the tidal basin, a cloud of dirt from the path surrounding it blew across the water. It doesn’t sound picturesque but it was interesting at the time. It also illustrated just how windy it was. The other thing that fascinated us for no good reason was the large number of petals that were floating in the water. In a way, they make you sad because they demonstrate how fleeting it all is. Today the rain will remove many more of the petals from the trees and by the weekend most of the beautiful blossoms will be washed away.

I offer a shot of my GOLD toe ring dangling above the petals floating in the tidal basin as a nod to the start of Project Spectrum’s yellow and orange month.
toe ring petals
There was also knitting this weekend – I finished the first Jet sock and I’m nearly done with Aubergine. More about them later or tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

Nice way to display gold.