Apr 13, 2006

Guess who's coming to dinner

Thanks to one and all for your holiday wishes. They are really, truly appreciated.
pesach rolls Here you see a lovely bowl of Passover rolls with a stray yarn cake (naturally in the April PS colors). Sadly that is the only picture I have of last night’s festivities. A few people expressed interest in seeing pictures of the spread and I had devised a really clever and ambitious plan to artfully display it for all the world to see. Sadly, in the heat of the moment I developed a tragic case of camnesia. Even the presence on the camera on the counter couldn’t snap me out of it.

Really though, I’m sure that any of you who have prepared a sit-down dinner for 15-20 of your nearest and dearest friends, family and supermarket cashiers can relate… What? Did you just say that you don’t normally invite the cashier as you do your last minute shopping? Damn! I knew it sounded off. Maybe I was supposed to give her my credit card rather than an invitation.

Seriously, as Lindsey & I checked out the last batch of forgotten groceries (you just knew I’d forget something) at the stupidmarket we found out that the cashier was without a place to celebrate so we invited her to join us. It was the right thing to do and it felt awesome. Lindsey commented that we were doing exactly what her religious school teacher was discussing the previous week. I loved that more than words can say.

I made a ton of food and have very few leftovers which I take as a good sign. My last minute invite and my friend Lisa wound up exchanging phone numbers to discuss writing which is also nice. The kids had fun, the house isn’t too wrecked and my feet are beginning to recover from a day spent standing at the stove – all good things. Best of all is the fact that someone else is doing the cooking tonight (hello Felicia!) and that the only thing on my plan for the weekend is knitting and catching up with Jon Stewart and all of the other shows I’ve been neglecting lately. Ahhhh!

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Melissa said...

Glad you had a good time. Good for you inviting the cashier. Very nice thing to do.