Apr 6, 2006


The Caps lost – again. Maybe it’s just me – or the fact that Stinkerbelle was waaaay into the game - but there was too much excitement for me to get much knitting done. I had grand visions of leaving the game with a finished pair of socks and it just didn’t happen. It’s going quickly though and I still expect to finish the Jet socks and Aubergine by the weekend. Then I can start my first socks for the Six Sox KAL and one of the 2 felted bags I promised to make for people this weekend. Someday I’ll knit for me again.

Inspired CableSpeaking of knitting for me… I picked up a copy of this book at my public library on the way to see the cherry blossoms the other day. In all of my blossom excitement I nearly forgot to mention it. I saw the Harlot’s review of it the other day and, since I love cables and she loved the book, I decided to check it out. I confess that my intent was to check it out and probably copy the one pattern of interest. Not so much! The designs are very cool and hip. By the time we got home, Lindsey, Bruce and I had each identified a few things that we covet. Surprise, surprise! The biggest surprise is that we may all get what we want. For those of you who don’t know us personally, Lindsey is a tween who, due to broad shoulders, fits a small/medium woman’s size well, while Bruce and I are adults of the larger variety. Not only are the sweaters in this book great – they’re presented in a range of sizes to accommodate us all. I’ll definitely put this book on my wish list.

This is totally unrelated to knitting in any way but… I’m feeling extremely guilty over something that happened on Tuesday. I was on my way home on the Metro, standing as usual, as the train approached the last stop. It’s always kind of an uneven ride and people get thrown around a lot so you hold on to something to keep from falling over. Our approach to the station on Tuesday was even more hurky-jerky than normal and I totally lost my footing. Normally I wear harmless flats but Tuesday I was wearing my favorite high heeled boots and the heel landed HARD on the foot of the guy behind me. Ouch! At least the heels weren’t spikes. I apologized but I still felt awful watching him limp out of the station.


margene said...

Ouch...the poor man. At least they weren't spike heels or they might have gone right through his foot;-)
I bought Fiona's book as soon as it came out. I do love the beautiful pictures and hope to knit one of the sweaters, too.

Dipsy D. said...

Oops - poor guy! But then again, why does he have to stand in your way when you're falling over? :)
Sorry to hear that the Caps lost - I certainly do admire you for being able to knit during a game, you must be even more knit-addicted than I am as I could never do that - I have to jump around and scream my lungs out or I'll explode! :)