Apr 1, 2010

Distractions Everywhere

BikeLately I've experienced a bit of rare focus. I've been considering a bunch of WIP's and how I can turn them into finished obects. I'm not in a hurry, it just feels really good to cross them off my list. I'm trying to maintain my momentum and get things done but it's so hard when the sun is shining and there are shiny new things all around.

One of the shiny new distractions is my new bike. This one I'm willing to dedicate a bit of time to. I'm not big on exercise for exercise sake. It bores me. I've tried gyms and circuits and classes. They're good for a little while but it gets slowly harder and harder to force myself to go and, finally, I give up.

I love the idea of riding a bike. I can go exploring. See things. I can even listen to podcasts while I go. The only impediment is where I live which is a really hilly area. No matter which direction I go when I leave my house I encounter hills immediately. I hope that as time goes by this is less of an issue but right now it's a serious challenge.

If only those hills were preventing me from getting to fibre space. If only!


I've been there 3 times in the past month or so and the stash enhancement (which I totally didn't need) had been considerable. Most recently DQ and I were there for movie night. We saw Cry Baby and I found the yarn for a new cardi. So much for the focus on WIP's. Que Sera!


margene said...

Your bike is sweet!!! I think about getting a fun bike, but not sure I'd ride it much, but, if I had a yarn store near by I would ride it more! You need a basket on that bike!

Carole Knits said...

Nice new bike! See now, if you lived closer, we could ride together for motivation.

Anonymous said...

Nice new bike! I'd like to get a bike; unfortunately where I live is not conducive to safe bike riding. Margene is right; you definitely need a basket :-)

Laurie said...

You DON'T need a basket on that bike! The hills will get easier. Can always walk up them at first.