Apr 22, 2010

Now Quite There Yet

Please excuse the crap photos. I suspect that I won't get a good shot of this until it's finished.


Here is my Que Sera. The color in the picture above is pretty true. It's a soft, minty green. Below the color is way off but you can see that the fit seems spot on. I was hoping for a layering piece with lot's of ease and is suspect that after a light blocking to open up the lace it'll be just right.


Obviously this means that I've arrived on sleeve island. I can't imagine that the sleeves will take a long time but I hesitate to predict thatI'll be wearing this to MDS&W. If I hadn't gotten into the classes and taken a detour into the land of spin then this would be complete by now. As it is, this week is pretty busy and next week will likely be the same so I probably won't have another FO until after MDS&W. That's ok. The process is the thing and right now it's working for me. In addition to this, I've finished one Kai-Mei sock and started the second and my simple commuter sock is up to the heel. Keep knitting.

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Carole Knits said...

That will be a great sweater for you!