Apr 26, 2010


Look at all that red! We unexpectedly got tickets to Friday night's playoff game and, even though our team lost, it was awesome. Just being in the Verizon Center with so many extremely excited fans was great. I bet you could count the number of people there who were NOT wearing red on one hand. We were absolutely Rocking The Red to support our Caps.

They had places set up where you could get your face painted or spray painted. Here's Stinkette getting painted with her 8 for Ovechkin. She already had spray painted eagle on her other cheek. It stayed there all weekend - even for softball pictures.


DQ got painted too. She got a 22 on her forehead for Knuble.


Even Bruce and I got painted up. We were one very spirited family!

And this was only the start of our very busy weekend. So tired.

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Carole Knits said...

Looks like a blast!