Apr 7, 2010

Morikami Gardens

So Long BlossomsI won't have any fabulous Cherry Blossom post this year. I totally missed them! These sad little flowers that were barely hanging on were all that remained on Yoshi when we got home. There weren't even any petals left on the ground around the tree. I guess they blew away.

Never fear, we got a bit of Japanese culture while we were in Florida. On Friday, after Bruce's sister and her family left, we went to visit Morikami Gardens with my M-I-L. She was thrilled when I suggested it because it' one of her favorite spots and it was really close too.

The gardens are set along a path that circles a lake. It winds and meanders and along the way there are statuary, and bridges, and lovely little spots to stop and listen. You can hear the bamboo clicking as it sways in the wind and smacks against itself. I found the sections where the pine needles were caught in the trees very interesting.

Morikami Flat Garden

Being in the gardens reminded me of some of my favorite blog friends too. Like this large rock garden reminded me of Margene. It was such a tranquil spot. They change the patterns in the rocks many times each week. It's supposed to be a great spot for meditating.

Morikami Late Garden

And gorgeous views like this reminded me of Carole because I'm sure she'd love taking pictures here. I can just see it now.

Morikami Bridge

There were also turtles that reminded us of our Frankie who was home in her tank watching over our house. I'm sure that with us away she was every bit as relaxed as these guys.


It was such a lovely day. We wandered through the gardens and the museum stopping along the way to appreciate the quiet and the sense of calm.

Morikami Gardens

I can see why my M-I-L would love a place like this.


margene said...

LOVE! The garden is amazing. When I created my garden I had hoped for rocks I could rake. My black stone was the only thing available and now I'm glad I don't need to rake. Thank you for sharing such a lovely spot!

Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful spot! Thanks for thinking of me while you were there. Too bad you missed the cherry blossoms, though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the peace and beauty!