Apr 15, 2010

Spring Randomness

What is it about this time of year that makes us all feel so random? It seems to be everywhere.

* I'm still watching my yard for blooming things. This is what my peonies looked like a few days ago. They look like they're ready to pop but still nothing. I love how juicy they look.


* All the floral observation has taken a toll. I got to work yesterday and realized that I had yellow pollen all over the front of my grey sweater. It was really noticeable so I went to the bathroom to wash it off and hid in my office in my soggy sweater for the next hour.

* I am trying really hard not to write long rants about the tourists who have once again descended upon our fair city. They are all over the freakin' place and especially in the Metro. Why do they all want to be on Metro during rush hour? Not only do they take up all the seats - they park their strollers and gigantic suitcases in the middle of everything so that it's difficult to get in or out. Not that I dislike tourists or anything.

* At least the Nuclear Summit is over. Talk about commuter nightmares! I was very last to work the other day because I got caught by 3 motorcades - including the president. That one closes down intersections for about 20 minutes at a minimum.

* Oh, and can someone please tell me what's up with this? It looks like little floppy dog ears on the helmet but that can't be it. Can it?



Manise said...

I don't know maybe blinders that flip down when the traffic gets particularly ugly? Perish the thought I know.

sprite said...

It looks like something I found via Google called a Neck Curtain, "specifically designed to keep you warm, comfortable, and ventilated using Neoprene, a pre-molded chin, and snap closure air pocket. Functions as both an ear flap and a neck protector."

Carole Knits said...

So, while you were hiding in your office waiting for your sweater to dry what were you doing? Knitting? Hmmm?