Apr 5, 2010

Spring Break in Pictures

You probably guessed from my Eye Candy Friday picture that I was on vacation last week. It was Spring Break for my girls and we did something rare for my family - we went to Florida. It was prompted by my M-I-L's illness but a trip to Florida is a trip to Florida no matter what the reason. There was lots of sun and fun and relaxation. Now I'm back to the real world and catching up so here is my Spring Break in pictures.

Before we left town we saw the Bon Jovi concert. That little speck in the bottom right corner is Jon. Yeah, our seats were that good. They still rocked though.


One of the three pools we enjoyed. This one was in the courtyard of our hotel.


We also went to the beach. We're extremely fortunate that Bruce's aunt has an apartment right on the beach in Boca Raton. I'm not a huge fan of Florida but I could get used to this view.


We didn't just look at the water either. Some brave souls actually went into the frigid water. DQ and her dad can debate anywhere.


We did a wee bit of site seeing too. We went to Morikami Gardens. It's one of my M-I-L's favorite spots. It's so peaqceful - I can see why. More on that later in the week.


We had such a good time.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of DQ and Bruce.
Looks like it was a good vacation - of course any vacation that includes sunshine and the beach is a good vacation in my book!

Carole Knits said...

Looks idyllic!

Manise said...

What a great time! Hope your M-I-L is okay.