Apr 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways To Be Green

This week's topic for Ten on Tuesday is 10 Ways To Be Green. It's very timely since Earth Day is this week. I'm looking forward to getting some ideas for new things to do.


1. Grow some food - Even if you don't have a big space you can still do a bit of container gardening. Above are strawberries and below is spinach and both of them are growing on my deck.

2. Leave the car at home and walk or ride a bike. - I should do this more than I do but the hills, the hills. I blame it on all the damn hills in my little corner of suburbia.

3. Ride share - I am a firm believer in this and I almost always commute by slugging or taking the bus.

4. Compost - I really want to start a compost pile at home. I could put lees in the trash AND get lovely, rich soil for my garden. Win!

5. Turn the lights off - I feel like I spend half my life turning off lights behind people.

6. Use reusable bags when shopping - of course the key is to remember to take them into the store and not to leave them in your trunk. I'm getting better at this one.

7. Use reusable bottles for water instead of buying endless bottles of water and tossing them out.

8. Pay your bills online - Save a few trees

9. Take shorter showers - I'm trying to convince a certain teen thast this is a good idea.

10. Recycle!



Carole Knits said...

You know, I used to think I lived in a flat part of the country --- until I got a bike!

Laurie said...

Yes, good ideas. You are helping me feel more virtuous.