Apr 19, 2010

Opening Day

I got out and rode my bicycle this weekend for the first time I bought it. Granted it wasn't for very long but better to start small than not at all. Right? DQ and I figured out that we could go over to the parking lot at our pool and ride around, and around, and around in endless circles and avoid dealing with too many hills between there and our house. Yes, the circles got old pretty fast but we were mostly trying to get comfortable on our bikes. It was way more fun riding with DQ than by myself.


The other big event this weekend was opening day for Stinkerbelle's softball league. She really loves softball and she's happy the season has started. Her goal is to make the select team (as opposed to the house team) and we've told her that it'll take a lot of practice. I think that she's getting the message because she's been doing batting practice with Bruce.


I think it's helping too. She had 2 really solid hits in the game. I think that this one was her triple. Yup - triple! If she keeps hitting the ball like that then I'll be hoarse all season. There are worse things.

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Carole Knits said...

I want to get my bike out and go for a ride!