Apr 12, 2010

I Forget

I had a very clever post for today fully composed in my head but now that I'm finally ready to write it all down - poof, it's evaporated. Good thing that my yard is so inspiring right now.


Is it terribly redundant to say that this past weekend turned out quite different from what I had planned. There was a spur of the moment sleep over, indecisiveness at the local nursery and a wicked migraine which all threw me off a bit.

I did get a lot done though. We planted broccoli, potatoes, and brussels sprouts and pondered where we'll put all of the other veggies that we'll be growing this summer. We have dozens of seedlings that are sprouting vigorously in our kitchen right now and I have no idea where we'll put them all. We'll just have to improvise.


How do you like these pictures of my lilacs? They are now in full bloom and I was a bit surprised to see that they're white. It's been so long since I planted then that I totally forgot. They're not very fragrant either. This is probably not a bad thing since 3 or the 4 members of our household have allergies. We're happy to see the pretty blooms without the scent.


I hope you like pictures of flowers and growing things because my yard is in bloom. Irises and peonies are about to pop and the crepe myrtles became quite leafy overnight. And the veggies... oh the veggies! I think the zucchini is trying to take over the world.


Carole Knits said...

Are lilacs are just teeny tiny buds right now so I love seeing yours. They are so photogenic, I think, and the white ones are just lovely. I am allergic to them, too, so I enjoy them outside but definitely not inside!

Sarah said...

I hope everything grows wonderfully for you.

margene said...

We barely have lilac buds! White lilacs are so elegant. We all make the best blog posts in our heads and then remember not one word when we have time to write.

Laurie said...

OH. I can't wait to see your peonies. Bring on the flowers!

We, too, are only at the bud stage.