Apr 8, 2010

Into the Spring Socks

It was a happy coincidence that I finished a pair of socks the night before we went to Morikami Gardens. DQ might disagree though, because I made her model the socks there. I tease about her but she's actually a pretty good sport about modeling my handknits and volunteered. Maybe because in Florida there was little chance that her friends would see it.


I'm not sure that there's a lot to say about these. The yarn is Claudia Hand Paint in Caribbean Blue. Lovely stuff. It's a joy to knit with.


I did a pretty standard toe-up sock with all my favorite components coupled with a Swirly O leg. All good... and perfect for commuting.


The only potential issue with these socks is that DQ predicts that they'll be too big for me. I haven't tried them on yet but she obviously has and she found them a wee bit roomy on her feet which are slightly bigger than mine. She thinks that I ought to give them to someone with bigger feet than me. I'm still not sure about that.


margene said...

LOVE the blue! It IS so Caribbean.

Carole Knits said...

The blue is gorgeous! Another great pair of socks!