Apr 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite TV Shows

Today we're talking about our ten favorite TV shows. Really? Just ten? I watch way more TV than I ought to so this shouldn't be difficult at all.

First the pretty.

Morikami Start

Now the list.
  1. Law & Order - all of them. After all these years I still love these.
  2. The Good Wife - I really enjoy this new show. Julianna Margulies is amazing in it.
  3. Project Runway - I really should hate Heidi. It ought to be a crime to look like that after 4 kids. The show is way to much fun though and I love the way Heidi says Nina Garcia's name. It's the little things folks!
  4. The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick and the rest of this cast work so well together. Thank yew!
  5. Bones - Talk about a cast with chemistry! I love watching Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.
  6. The Amazing Race - Not only is the scenery beautiful but the challenges are amusing as well.
  7. House Hunters International - This is totally escapist in a whole 'nother way. It's cool to see what passes as a great new home around the world. Who wouldn't be jealous of the folks buying the centuries old shack with the disintegrating walls and no working kitchen?
  8. Burn Notice - The whole family can watch this one together and it's a little MacGyver-ish the way they get out of the trouble they always get into.
  9. Psych - Another family friendly show with tons of 80's references that make Bruce and I chuckle.
  10. Top Chef - I can't wait for Tom and Padma to come back and put a bunch of new chefs through their paces.

What are your favorite shows?


Carole Knits said...

Other than The Good Wife we watch completely different shows!

Sarah said...

I also watch waaa-aaay too much teevee. Still, it is interesting to read these lists and see so many shows that I do not watch amongst the many that I do.

micah_gideon said...

I didn't know you like Burn Notice — I love it! I stumbled on it while I was travelling in my former life and it's one thing I actually miss.

micah_gideon said...

Did you see this?
Burn Notice Game Show