Nov 3, 2010

Ball Band Journey Socks

I don't know about you but the longer a project stays on my needles, the more of a relief it is to have it finished. These socks were started in the summer of 2007 so the joy at finishing them is especially high.


The yarn was the inspiration. I found a single, lovely skein of KnitSmiths Sockezze at Mosaic in Blaacksburg, VA and I just knew it was for Stinkerbelle. And it was. my girl loves these socks and she wore them (longer than she ought to) as soon as I finished them. I have to say that telling the child that she couldn't wear the socks until the photos were done was a great motivator for her.


Although it's not obvious in some of the pictures, I worked in some Shelridge Farm in violet after I turned the heel. I just wanted to make sure that I had enough Sockezze to finish the socks.

As I worked both yarns and saw that the violet was standing out a bit I decided that rather than trying to hide it - I'd play it up a little by doing a few ball band rows for the cuff. I used the violet to divide up the blocks of purl bumps. It's no perfect but it works and Stinkette loves them.


I have to say that I really loved this yarn. I love the feel of it which is warm and inviting. I also love the way the short runs of color make it kind of stripey. No flashing or pooling - just a pleasing mix of colors.


Carole Knits said...

Those are some awesome socks!

Manise said...

Great socks!