Nov 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Dream Vacations

I would say that this is the perfect topic for this time of year but let's be honest, when isn't it a good time to think about vacations? Even if we weren't heading into the holiday season and even if it wasn't starting to get cold I bet that most of us would still be thinking of places we'd rather be.

Mallory Sunset

The picture above is from our December 2006 vacation in Key West. It seems so long ago. Here are a few of my dream vacations.

  1. Greece - This appeals to me on so many levels. Every picture of Greece has gorgeous scenery and the history. Talk about exploring old homes? And if that wasn't enough I love mediterannean food.
  2. The Southwest - I really want to go to New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It's so completely different from anywhere I've ever been and I'd love to exlpore it.
  3. Ireland - Lush green countryside in the land of some of my ancestors. Surprised?
  4. Hawaii - I want to see the volcanos and the beaches.
  5. Israel - I was there as a teen but I'd love to go back with my family. It would be so nice to share it with them.
  6. Southern California - Truth be told I could go visit California from end to end again and be very happy but the last time we were there (December 2004) we only got as far south as Carlsbad so I'd love to see the southern part of the state this time.
  7. The Pacific Northwest - My uncles live in Washington and Oregon and I'd love to go out there and see the mountains and the redwoods. I remember reading the JP Beaumont mysteries (by JA Jance) many years ago and feeling like I'd know Seattle if I ver actually went there. I've wanted to go ever since.
  8. New England - It seems like, as a kid, so many of our family vacations were taken in New England and it makes me a little sad that my girls really haven't experienced it at all.
  9. Spain - If I took DQ with me I could have her translate the whole time! Listening to my girl speak Spanish like a native is one of my most favorite things ever! That could explain how she got me to buy her a pair of snazzy Dansko's last weekend. Seriously, I dare anyone to watch Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona and not add Spain to their list.
  10. Long Island - How weird is that? Yes, I would love to take my girls on a vacay to LI to share Montauk and the Hamptons with them. While I'm at it I'd love to show them Port Jeff and Northport and Sunken Ghetto. Let's not forget the south shore beaches too - I spent way too much time at Jones Beach and Robert Moses.

Where would you go on your dream vacation?


Seanna Lea said...

I wouldn't call Long Island weird. I enjoy going back to the haunts I had growing up, though I don't vacation there (nightmares where I work in the tourist industry stop me).

I love your mix of exotic and accessible locales!

Nichole said...

Great list... New England is beautiful!

Carole Knits said...

You know you've got a friend to visit here in Southern New England!

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Loved your list! It reminded me a few a I missed :-)