Nov 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

A single pink rose with the glistening drops of a recent shower still clinging to the petals. Lovely, perfect, and simple. If only.


You have no idea how much I'd love to simplify my life right now. My head is cluttered with possibilities and all the things I need to do to make them happen. Here are 10 ways that I'd love to simplify my life.

  1. Plan our meals - Maybe even make things ahead so that we'd have things that we could just pull out, heat and eat.
  2. Really use a shopping list - I keep trying but my family members would rather just tell me what they want and rely on my (faulty) memory.
  3. Create a budget - I think that would make planning much easier.
  4. Fix my kitchen - My kitchen is old. Not classic or filled with character - just old and run down. Old cabinets, old counters, old floors. Not enough storage and what is there doesn't make sense. If I could get my kitchen fixed it then I could find things when needed them.
  5. Clean my basement storage area. - Less stuff would be good.
  6. Create a family calender to keep track of all the family stuff.
  7. Organize my stash - what the heck is in there anyway.
  8. Coordinate all of our schedules better - I hate all the back and forth and the wasted trips when Bruce ells me that he just went to a store and I realize that I needed something threre. If only he asked.
  9. Clean out my closet - Isn't getting rid of the stuff you don't need the essence of simplifying?
  10. Dedicate some time to nothing at all - like the white space on a page or the green space n a city. I need some quiet space in my life to breathe.

How would you simplify your life.


sprite said...

Would Google Calendar help with the family calendar thing? We use it in the office and you can give everyone access (provided the girls have email addresses, of course) and everyone can add relevant dates and color code things. I think they'll even email you about upcoming events...

Of course, if the problem is actually putting things on the calendar, then clearly that won't help. (I know I'm bad about doing that part of it...)

Julie said...

I always thought meal planning sounded so useful but I never had the motivation to DO it until MIL and FIL came to stay for 3 months while she had radiation. She used to cater and cooking for them was nerve wracking so I finally took the meal planning plunge and I've never looked back. Not only is it more efficient but we waste so much less food. I heard recently that Americans waste %50 of their food, %50! Good grief Charlie Brown. This makes up the bulk of my grocery list but I've also found a dry erase board on the fridge to be invaluable for family to add their special requests. If it's not written down I *will* forget. My biggest need for simplifcation is to just declutter. Thanksgiving company is coming in a few weeks so hopefully that will give me the incentive to tidy and declutter at least a bit.

Carole Knits said...

Great list! I used to use Air Set for our schedules and it worked pretty well. Now I find that things are much simpler, I don't have to keep track of Hannah.

Honoré said...

Great list. Implementing #1 and #2 would save you bunches of time to play. There are lots of great meal planner sites on line for inspiration and shopping lists. Another thought: if you have an online grocery home delivery service in the area, you could use it for the "regular" things on your list and go to the store for the odd items that are needed for a special meal or event.