Nov 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving

Quite the surprising topic for this Ten on Tuesday. Ha! It's actually perfect because I am definitely in a Thanksgiving frame of mind.

  1. Family & Friends - This has got to be the very best thing about Thanksgiving. There are so many people that we plan to see this week and I'm looking forward to them all equally.
  2. The smells - There is nothing that can put me in the Thanksgiving mood quite like the smell of a turkey and fixin's in the oven.
  3. Relaxation - I love all the holidays but this is the only one where there are no other requirements other than to relax and eat. Of course there is cooking to do too but it tends more towards confort food and things that are pretty easy to make. Mostly we just relax and it's awesome.
  4. Cranberries - Cranberry sauce and cranberries in stuff. Yum! Cranberries and Thanksgiving go hand in hand.
  5. The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade - I've only seen it once in person, way back when I was little, but I watch it on tv every year and I enjoy it very much.
  6. The festive table - warm it up with some candles, maybe a seasonal flower arrangement, figurines of pilgrims if you must.... of simple and elegant with crystal and fine china.
  7. Apple Pie - Make mine warm with streusel topping and a scoop of ice cream. Divine!
  8. The colors - There is something so warm and inviting about about the browns, oranges, and golds that dominate the Thanksgiving decorations.
  9. Apple Cider - This is really more my husbands thing than mine but warm apple cider on Thanksgiving is kind of perfect.
  10. Laughter - when we all get together around the table it inevitable that there will be teasing and great stories.

What do you love about Thanksgiving?


margene said...

That's what I'm missing! Apple cider! Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary and family!!

Beverly said...

Cider! Yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Carole Knits said...

The smell of a turkey roasting is a glorious thing!