Nov 17, 2010


Some personal stuff came up recently and I desperately needed a diversion so I added a boatload of books to my hold queue at the library and took on a bit of deadline knitting. Given the way my knitty mojo was flowing it seemed like a really good bet. If I was knitting madly then there'd be no time to obsess over other things.

Of course this is exactly the moment that my knitty mojo took leave. I'm not sure where it went but suddenly I can't focus on any of my projects.


Here is the state of things. On the right is the current commuter sock. This is the only thing making noticeable progress right now. One sock is finished but it took me days to cast on for the second. Days! Happily it is finally started and I think that it'll move along ok - not fantastically fast but it'll get done.

The other current sock is the flash of yellow on the left. That's Pointelle, from the new Cookie A book. I got my autographed copy the other day and I love it. I also adore this sock but I just can't focus on it. I hope to soon though, because the yarn is super-yummy and the pattern really is a great one.

The test knits are where it really falls apart. The purplish object that the other stuff is sitting on is one of them. It's going to be a lovely little shawlette someday. I've got to get moving on it since the due date is approaching fast. Even worse is the sad greenish yarn cake that's got nothing at all going on yet. Fortunately the due date for that is a bit more generous but it's also a bigger knit.

I really must get motivated fast.


Carole Knits said...

For me, there's nothing quite like a deadline to slow me down. I hope your knitting mojo comes back soon and I hope whatever is bothering you is also resolved soon.

JessaLu said...

Yeah, deadlines usually make my knitting and sewing come to a screeching halt - until I KNOW that I HAVE. TO. start whatever project has an imminent due date. Good luck xo

Sarah said...

I hope all is well again for you.