Nov 5, 2010

ECF - Culinary Institute of America Edition

I don't know how it happened but I totally forgot to share my pictures from the CIA. I went there for dinner again this year during my trip to Rhinebeck but this year I went over early and took a few pictures.


It really is a gorgeous setting, right on the edge of the river with lovely sitting areas and fountains. I wasn't the only one roaming around there with a camera.



Carole Knits said...

The elements in that first shot are terrific. And wasn't the foliage wonderful that weekend?

Manise said...

Wonderful photos! It's even prettier during the day. Did you notice on the way to the entrance that there were several large planters? And did you notice they were filled with flowers and eggplants? There were some late bloomers and a few immature fruit on there.