Nov 8, 2010

Perfect Fall Weekends

How did you spend this lovely fall weekend? We enjoyed the kind of weekend that makes you feel so good.

On Saturday, while DQ was busy at the school preparing for the upcoming play, Stinkette and I did errands, saw Toy Story 3 and generally enjoyed each other's company. That night she had a blast at a sleepover party at her softball coaches house. The adults stayed at the party for a while too and enjoyed sitting out by the fire pit huddled under blankets. There were smores too. Yum!


On Sunday Stinkette's Girl Scout troop met and together we prepared 38 boxes full of nuts, candy, drink mixes and other treats that the girls decorated and we'll send to the Marines in Afghanistan. They got so into it and I have to say that seeing the large pile of boxes covered with stickers and ribbons and uplifting messages make you feel so good. I felt so proud of them.

I imagine the soldiers receiving these boxes and knowing that we're thinking of them. I hope they make them smile.

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Carole Knits said...

Great photo! We are assembling care packages for our overseas soldiers at our Kiwanis meeting Thursday night. It's definitely an uplifting thing to do.