Nov 10, 2010

Finished Mystery Socks

It's taken me so long to post the pictures of these finished socks that there isn't a whole lot of mystery about them any more. For the record, I did finish them on time. In fact I wove in the last ends with one day to spare.


The yarn I used for these was Pagewood Farm St Elias in Plum. It's a little thinner than I'd prefer but I did like it. I do think that a yarn with a little less varigation might have been a better choice but it works.


I was a little ambivalent about these socks as I knit them. I didn't love the little boxes and I wasn't sure about the tiny trowels either. I don't think I'm alone in that but because I do like Kirsten Kapur's other designs I took the giant leap of faith and kept knitting. I'm so glad I did because I like the end result. The tiny trowels remind me of streamers undulating back and forth down the sock and the little boxes are a nice counterpoint to them.


I'm already on to 2 other pairs of socks and nearly finished with the first sock of each pair. If I finish both pairs by the end of the year then I would have a total of 14 pairs of sock for the year. Not the 18-20 that I'd hoped for but pretty respectable. Maybe I can squeeze another pair or 2 out.

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Carole Knits said...

They look great and I don't think there's too much variegation in the yarn at all.