Nov 22, 2010

The Monday Before Thanksgiving

It is a generally accepted fact that Mondays suck... except when it's the only full day that you expect to be in the office all week and many other's have already left for vacation. Then Mondays aren't half bad. It's a day to get your office in order and... shhhh... catch a quick cat nap if you're lucky.


This weekend was DQ's first play as a High Schooler. She was doing what she loved best - the techie stuff. In fact, my girl was the House Manager and Assistant Technical Director which is quite a responsibility for a freshman. I loved seeing her name in the program with all her titles and I loved watching her manage her staff even more. At one point there were some people near us having trouble with their seats and I directed them to DQ and then sat and glowed as she calmly took care of it.

After the show, which was the last of this run, I was convinced by my girl to help with strike. that's what they call it when they take all the sets apart, return the costumes and props to their place, retrieve all the signage and generally erase all evidence that a show took place. What a huge job! We were there until 2 am! Then I took DQ to the cast party (she got home from it at 8am) and drove a friend of hers home to the other end of the county.

I am exhausted but in a really good way!

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Carole Knits said...

That's incredibly busy! I love that photo,Hillary.