Jun 18, 2008

Aim For Ten

DSC_1336Is this not the most boring bobbin of singles ever?

Inspired by spinners I love, I started spinning 10 minutes a day on Monday and it's been great. There was purple BFL already in progress so I started by finishing it off. There's actually quite a bit of variation in the color but this bobbin was the last in a very large project and I'm just happy that it's finished. I'll ply it with a bobbin of pink BFL soon and then I can really go to town knitting it all up.

As a reward for finishing the BFL, I allowed myself to pick something fun to spin from my stash last night. What caught my eyes was a Spontaneous Spinning Batt (3.7 oz. of Alpaca, wool, bamboo, mohair, tussah silk, recycled sari silk, silk noils, and angelina) that I bought from Loop a few months ago at the Homespun Yarn Party. I bought 2 of them but the other one is a deep purpley red which was too close to the boring purple so I pulled out this pretty, soft, green one. Isn't it yummy?

This stuff is fabulous! It's beautiful and soft and just delicious. I've never spun anything like it before. Being a new spinner, most of my experience is with very simple, unblended, fiber - Corriedale, BFL, Targhee, Finn, Romney - I've tried each of them straight up. Compared to that, this batt, with it's crazy mix of fibers, is super exotic and a kick to spin.

DSC_1343I had heard that Loop batts were fun to spin and they are. The colors are marvelous and the feel is nice and smooth and sooooooo soft. (It also loves to cling to stuff) It took me a little while to get a feel for the fiber because it was so foreign to me. The beginning of this bobbin is a little rough but by the time I stopped last night my spinning was looking much better.

I have one small issue with it. Angelina. The glittery stuff is vey pretty to look at but I really don't like spinning it. It doesn't feel nice and it gets in the way of my spinning enjoyment. If you look at the stuff spun up on my bobbin there are spots that look golden - that's not angelina, it's one of the other components in this batt and it's fabulous. My point is that if I can get that kind of sparkle without angelina then I will. That said, I did buy a little bit of angelina to play with on my drum carder and I'm sure I'll use it but very sparingly.


Carole Knits said...

That green is just luscious! I know you don't like the sparkle but I do think it's pretty.

Gnat said...

The yarn looks lovely. I wish I had a wheel!!

Margene said...

That batt is gorgeous and you'll spun it up beautifully, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful spinning; both the purple and the green. I love the sparklies in the green!