Jun 2, 2008

Happy Habitrail*

Stinkerbelle and I went shopping on Saturday. We hit a certain home improvement store where we walked up and down the aisles chanting "shower, pipe, cedar, spigot, tile" over and over again. It may have sounded crazy but it worked and we remembered everything including a whack of cedar planking that is still in my car making it smell like a hamster cage. Hence the title of this post. We also went to N*rdstrom because it was bonus time for a certain cosmetic company and I am a sheep.

Somehow I found myself wandering through the women's clothes and this dress just jumped out and grabbed me. It's a real departure for me because it's not black and white but I put it on and felt really good so I bought it. such an impulse but not frivolous because I already know 2 events that I'll wear it to. The only catch is that the events are Bar/Bat Mitzvah's and I'll need to cover my shoulders but it turns out that I had the perfect solution in my stash already. One lovely skein of Fino alpaca/silk lace yarn from Alpaca With a Twist. Look at how well it matches! I spent last night looking through my books and Ravelry and I think that I found the perfect pattern for it but I want to add beads to it so I need to hit the craft store briefly before I cast on. My recent track record with deadline knitting isn't great so wish me luck.

I was so happy that we got all of our shopping done on Saturday because it left Sunday for fun stuff. Hubbo's sister was in town because her husband was the music director for a gala production of The Civil War on Sunday night to benefit Ford's Theatre. We went into DC to meet her and we spent the beautiful, sunny, afternoon walking around town. We stopped in the sculpture garden of the National Gallery where we sat around the fountain for a while.

Stinkerbelle really experienced the fountain a bit more closely. No diving allowed!

We continued on to the Israel at 60 celebration on the National Mall. It was packed and we ran into so many people we knew. It seemed like every time we turned around we saw a familiar face.

They had lots of stuff to see and do. We got crafty with a little mosaic work with pretty colored glass tiles. It was like a color by numbers with glass tiles.

It was part of a much larger project where we each tiled a small square that fit into a much larger whole that will be displayed somewhere... I'd tell you where but I missed that detail. Oooops!

What did you do?

* You must remember the Habitrail, that wonderful system of plastic tubes and wheels for hamseters and gerbils to play in.


Carole Knits said...

Dale and I saw a production of The Civil War in Rhode Island several years ago. It was great and I was they would bring it back.

Anonymous said...

Rita Rudner (comedienne) just did a segment on the workings of the female mind which she illustrated with the free bonus' that you pay $56 for something you don't need, get five tiny things that you don't really like, and if you are lucky it comes in a vinyl tote that is too small to use...


Anonymous said...

That Fino is the perfect color for that dress - I guess it was meant to be!