Jun 25, 2008

There's No Food in Your Food*

Would anyone like one devious but very cute redhead with lousy eating habits?

My morning has not started well today. As I dropped my girls off at camp I suddenly had the presence of mind to check Stinkerbelle's lunchbag to see what she packed herself. The tally was a boatload of popcorn, 4 fruit snacks, and a sleeve of crackers. No lunch! I quickly remove most of the snacks and replaced it with a bagel and string cheese from a supermarket nearby but she is so lucky that I'll have all day to cool down and ponder the appropriate punishment. I was so angry. Not only because she was so sneaky but because this episode made me very late for work too. Ugh!

I was planning a totally different post for today but I'm not in the right frame of mind for it right now so we'll go with plan B - socks on my needles right now.

DSC_0024This has been listed in my Ravelry projects for quite a while but I only started concentrating on it last week although I'd been carrying it around for weeks. This is based on the plain version of Widdershins but, as of last night, it's been modified by the addition of a twisted stitch cable panel running up the back of the sock. I've only completed one repeat of the cable so it's too soon to tell how it will work. I suspect that it may be obscured a little by the yarn which is Hallmark from the Flock Bransonas. It's kind of bright but not bad. What's nifty about this yarn is that the colors have very short rus on the yarn so there's no pooling - just brightness everywhere.

DSC_0057You can't see the yarn cake that I'm working from in the picture above because it's hidden in one of the side pockets of my new Haiku bag. It was an anniversary gift from hubbo along with my sweet new needle sizer (which he ordered from somewhere else) seen at right. How perfect are they?

I have to say a huge thank you to Carole who inspired my DH to buy the bag. I'm a bit of a bag snob - my other bags are mostly Coach and Kate Spade. I rarely even consider a bag that's not leather but I love this bag so much. It's not as heavy as my others and it holds all of my stuff really well. DQ loves my bag too so when my M-I-L asked her what she wanted as a reward for her academic honors she asked for a Haiku bag. Hubbo said that Scout was fabulous when he ordered mine so we'll get DQ's frm her as well and maybe I can finally order myself some of her amazing yarn. Woot!

DSC_0023Finally, here is the debut of Monkey the Second. Don't you love it? The yarn is Tess Designer Super Sock & Baby in colors that are totally not me but I love the colors and the yarn and I just wish I had more of it. Not only are the colors beautiful but the yarn has a really nice feel to it as well. It's springy and round and solid. It's some of the nicest yarn I've ever knit with.

This will be my first pair of sock for the Summer of Socks because, due to poor planning on my part, the others currently on my needles were started before the SOS officially began. No worries, these are the perfect socks to start my Summer of Socks so I'm happy.

*Yet another of the wonderful quotes from Say Anything, one of my favorite movies.


Cursing Mama said...

Funny, just yesterday I had the forethought to check Gameboy's lunch - after I'd told him to pack a healthy lunch and snack. Guess what he packed.....
3 corn dogs - 2 for lunch, 1 for a snack.
Guess who crossed corn dogs off the list of things she buys?

The socks are so pretty.....makes me want to knit instead of work!

Margene said...

The socks make a good fall back post...very pretty!

Carole Knits said...

I'm glad you're so happy with the bag and I love the color that B chose! As for Stinker, well, what can I say?

MX said...

Bew-tea-ful socks and I love that yarn.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, perhaps I should have Carole speak to my hubby.

Great looking socks and pretty toes too ;-)