Jun 13, 2008

My DC - Week 21

People never know what this building is. They always guess wrong.


It's got turrets and gorgeous details. There's a clock tower that you can go up in too. I haven't but my daughters have.


It's also got a really creepy statue of Ben Franklin in front of it. It would be an ok representation if I wasn't totally bleached out. The lack of color is a little freaky.


It's the Old Post Office building. FYI, there's a big food court inside with a Ben & Jerry's. Yum!


Carole Knits said...

Hey! I've been there! With you!!

sprite said...

I'm doing a sock knitters' scavenger hunt tomorrow that calls for a high-up picture. If I don't haul my lazy butt out of bed early enough for a ticket to the Washington Monument, I'll probably head up to the OPO Tower. Maybe that'll be my shot next week...

Meghann said...

Oh! I thought that's what that building was. I've been there before!