Jun 9, 2008

I Still Love Rock and Roll

This past weekend was one of my favorite local events - Celebrate Fairfax - the fair. It was wicked hot and we felt like we could easily melt in the sun but Stinkerbelle and I went anyway. DQ and hubbo couldn't join us because DQ's recital rehearsals ran all through the afternoon.

Here you see Stink on her favorite ride of the day - the swings. Can you blame her? I bet that it must've felt amazing to have the wind shooshing by here as the swings flew around and around. Another big hit for us was the booth set up by the Water Authority. Every year they offer a different cup or water bottle (free) that they cheerfully fill and fill again with ice and water all through the day. We were very good customers.

DSC_1187There were all kinds of things to see. In the Sci-Tech tent Stinkerbelle learned about robots and successfully completed the egg drop without cracking hers. All of the municipal agencies have booths to convey information and tchotckes. We were very good at collecting the stuff. Squeeze balls, frisbees, pencils, flashlights and more. You name it - we hauled it home.

There was lots of other entertainment. There was a laser light show which had the extra benefit of being inside the air conditioned building. There were shows for children and this guy who was playing with fire. It was all great fun and kept us super busy.

One of the highlights of the fair are the bands. These guys are called Bowling For Soup and they were a lot of fun. I felt kind of bad for them because they played during the heat of the day. They had a big hit a few years ago with a sog called 1985 but so much of their stuff is great. It's upbeat with clever lyrics. They tend to banter back and forth a lot - juvenile but in a good way.DSC_1181

The biggest band playing the fair this year was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Remember them? The chick at the pizza counter had no clue. I felt old. Anyway, they rocked the house despite the lightning that was flashing in the distance. Hubbo and DQ finally arrived just as their set started and we all enjoyed the show. I took much better pictures than this but not of the whole band.

How was your weekend?


Carole Knits said...

Is Joan Jett wearing a bikini? How cool!

Krista said...

Joan Jett still rocks!

Margene said...

That looks like a blast!