Dec 26, 2010


Today is the birthday of one of my favorite people... my grandfather! I am thrilled to be able to wish him a happy 92nd birthday.


Here are my grandfather and grandmother. Aren't they cute? One of the things I love most about my grandfather is that he is as devoted to my grandmother today as he was when he married her nearly 70 years ago. All my grandfather wants is to take care of my grandmother.

He's sitting still in this picture but I can guarantee you that immediately prior to and following it he was on the move. He loves to take long walks and he is constantly busy with something. I bet that he could give many men 20 years his junior a run for their money. It's the way he's always been.

When I was little he was the person I always wanted to please. I learned how to swim because I wanted to show him that I could. I also remember practicing my bike riding so that I would be good enough to ride with him.

I still love to call and tell him about things and bask in the glow of his approval... and so do my girls. They love to go visit my grandfather and tell him all about school or their accomplishments or discuss current events.

One of my favorite recent memories is of an evening a few years ago that puts it all together perfectly for me. We were in Canada for my cousin's wedding and after the festivities we all headed back to the same hotel. Most of us went by car but my grandfather decided to walk it, and DQ elected to join him. I watched them walk off together deep in conversation and it was the best part of the night.


Carole Knits said...

I know from your stories that he is a wonderful man. Happy Birthday to him and here's to many more!

Manise said...

Happy Birthday to your grandfather and may he see many more!