Dec 23, 2010

Blogging in 2010 - The Year in Review

As the year winds down it seems like the perfect time to start taking stock, starting with a look back at 2010 in words and pictures. The words consist of the first sentence from the first post of each month. The pictures will be favorite blog photos from each month (not necessarily related to the words they accompany).

January - Happy New Year to You all and Happy Blogiversary to me. As of last Friday this blog is 4 years old.


February - This past weekend was cleared long ago so that I could help out with Tech Weekend for the middle school musical which DQ will be in.


March - For those of you who have not yet seen them on Ravelry, here are my finished Ruba'iyat Mittens. Words cannot adequately express how pleased I am with them - mostly because I expected that they'd be an epic fail.


April - Lately I've experienced a bit of rare focus. I've been considering a bunch of WIP's and how I can turn them into finished obects.


May - On Sunday afternoon I relaxed in the garden.


June - It's incredibly convenient that I'm making my return to the real world on a Tuesday because my weekend was so packed that I'll need a day or so to recover.


July - Yesterday was glorious. The heat finally broke and, more importantly, the humidity disappeared - at least for a little while.


August - This was the last weekend before my girls come home.


September - Way back at the beginning of the summer our little friend Miss B got a Baby brother.


October - I took a few pictures around the Indian Museum last Saturday. It is an incredibly beautiful building and it's grounds invite visitors to wander around and around and appreciate it from all angles.

Look who got braces!

November - It was another softball weekend. One in which I had the pleasure (or misfortune) of watching Stinkerbelle's team warm up as the sun rose both days.


December - Have you ever had a package that, despite your best intentions, kept eluding the mail?


Sometimes it is just so hard to choose just one picture for each month.


margene said...

Love the pictures you picked! Your mittens were worth seeing again as was the happy faces of your children. Merry Christmas and my next year be even better than the last.

Laurie said...

Nice wrapup! I even remember some of the text, and definitely some of the pictures (like the CIA for sure, and the mittens.) Happy holidays!