Dec 9, 2010

Matt's F@#king Deer Hat

This year I only gave 2 knitted gifts for the holidays. One was a pair of socks and this is the other - a new hat for my B-I-L who loves to hunt. This is Matt's Fucking Deer Hat.


It's actually based on the fornicating deer chart but I like my name better. And it's more practical too. How? Well, let's say that my sister and her family go apple picking next fall and... no, wait, too many kids there, wrong scenario.

Try this instead. Maybe later this winter my B-I-L goes out hunting with the guys and when he comes home he comments on how cold it was. My sister could turn to him and say "well if you were wearing your fucking deer hat, then the cold wouldn't bother you." Perfect, right?


Anyway, the yarn I used is Shepherd's Wool and it's so soft. Thankfully I had plenty of it too because the floats on this were ridiculous. They were so bad that I elected to knit a full lining to hide them completely. Did I mention this sucker is warm?


The only issue that I have with this is the fair isle itself. When I did the mittens last winter my floats were fine and it all looked nice and even without much real difficulty. This had to be ripped once and even now it's not quite as perfect as I'd like it to be. I'm still happy with it though and I hope that Matt will be too.


Carole Knits said...

I love it! It's a great fucking hat. Will you share the pattern? I have the chart.

Manise said...

Oh that hat! Lol. I remember you talking about it at Rhinebeck. Perfect gift! You'll have to get a modeled pic for us after the gifting.

Sarah said...

The hat is great! I knit two last year. I added extra snow/stars to deal with the long floats.

Chad said...

Do you sell these hats?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Calgary Alberta and I saw one of these hats in Whitefish Montana years ago. I've been looking for one ever since. Please let me know if you are interested in selling one or if you have a pattern. I don't knit, but it's a start! Thanks. Rob

Anonymous said...

Hi, where can i find/buy this cap please ?