Dec 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Holiday Shows

I have always loved holiday shows. I really looked forward to them as a kid and now I like to watch them with my kids.


  1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas - can (and do) watch this every single year. I love it so much that years ago Bruce bought a copy for me. Sadly it's a VHS so I guess I need it on dvd now.
  2. A Rugrats Chanukah - the Rugrats were annoying in general but this special was kind of fun and more appropriate for us.
  3. The Santa Clause - Sooo funny
  4. It's a Wonderful Life - Great movie but I'm glad that they've cut back on how often they play it now. I appreciate it more now that it's not so ever present.
  5. Miracle on 34th Street - I have a special place in my heart for all things connected to Macy's Herald Square
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  7. Shrek the Halls - we just saw this and it was really cute.
  8. Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer - I always loved this as a kid.
  9. A Christmas Story - You'll shoot your eye out, kid. I remember seeing this in the theatre. The movie I remember well - the guy, not so much.
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas - This is actually one of my girls favorites.

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Carole Knits said...

We have many of the same shows on our lists. No big surprise there!