Dec 20, 2010

Hidden Benefits

It snowed late last week and we're expecting more this week. All this cold, snowy weather is really good for inspiring us to stay in and drink hot chocolate while we dream of warmer places. It also has other, less obvious benefits. For example, a snow covered table on the deck is a great place to take picture of yarn that just got added to the stash.


That was pretty lame but there's not a lot to say when your weekend is filled with chaperoning opportunities. I spent the weekend taking my girls here and there and in between I hosted a sleepover for Stinkette on Saturday night. They baked cookies and I think that my kitchen is still in recovery mode but I got off easy. On Sunday our GS troop had their holiday party and the 12 girls cooked their own lunch before finishing their meal with make your own sundaes. At least hat party was hosted by someone else. Have you ever seen 12 girls cook? It's really something.

Any it doesn't end there. My girls seem to have an endless number of events this week that they are required to contribute baked goods to. Fire up the oven!

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Carole Knits said...

I must admit, I'm not sorry those days are over.