Dec 15, 2010

The Dude on the Firetruck

I missed it again last night. I was ready and I was waiting but when Santa came through our neighborhood on the firetruck it was just too darn cold out. I had my camera all set up with the flash and everything. I guess there's always next year.


And here is the current state of the gingerbread house. Stinkerbelle is taking her time considering the aesthetics of her creation. She started by adding a porch with colorful columns and Andes doors and fences. My girl is really focused on snow this year and has added a liberal coating of white icing all over to represent it.


Carole Knits said...

Looks like she's going to have to add a shovel by the front door!

Laurie said...

The weather just doesn't cooperate. It's vera vera cold this year.

I like Andes doors.

Manise said...

Love her rendition of a GB house! Perhaps she can re-create a firetruck complete with Santa outside the GB house? Now that would be cool!