Dec 8, 2010

The Future of Photography

I haven't been using my camera quite as much lately but it's still gotten quite a bit of use. Especially when we were in NY. There, on Thanksgiving, my niece Ashley had a lot of fun with it. It turns on that a DSLR is pretty high on her wish list so I let her play with mine.


She started out with a basic lens and then, when she told me that she really wanted a macro lens I pulled mine out. Things got really interesting then. There were lots of pictures of soda, candy dishes, fingers flying over the keys of the piano, and adult beverages.


Of course it's inevitable that a camera with a macro lens attached is going to be drawn to flowers. she took a few nice shots of the flowers that night.


Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of a finished object. It's one of the few gifts I knit this year for the holidays and I'm hoping that it's arrived at it's destination by now. Warning, it's not exactly family friendly.


Carole Knits said...

You could be a great mentor to her new photography skills!

Laurie said...

A not family friendly FO piques the imagination.

Manise said...

I second Carole and Laurie's comments.