Dec 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Last Minute Gifts

I was so happy last night when I heard the telltale horns and sirens and realized that I was wrong in thinking that I had missed Santa on the fire truck last week. My husband is sure he saw him but maybe it was just a trial run. Maybe it was just too cold and they cut it short. Whatever the story, he was out there last night and I was so happy that I got to see him. It kind of makes the holiday season complete.


So, on to this week's list. My holidays are past so the pressure is off me now but a few weeks ago I was feeling it. I remember dashing through the mall with Stinkette and feeling so relieved each time we found something that was "perfect."

But what about those people we forget? Or the late additions to our gift list? Well, theres always this list of last minute gifts.

  1. Gift cards - nothing says I almost forgot you like a gift card.
  2. Fingerless gloves - when you've got just a little bit of time and want to go the handmade route.
  3. A candle - Go with a pretty universal scent like vanilla or citrus but if it's for me then make it Satsuma. I love that smell.
  4. Baked goods - Love on a plate that's best made the night before.
  5. A Knit Hat - Much like fingerless gloves, a hat is usually pretty quick.
  6. A Coupon Book - the standby of many a kid. "What, you mean I was supposed to give mom and dad a gift too?"
  7. Flowers - This would be the "I didn't want to give you more stuff you don't need" option. Cuz we all need flowers.
  8. A book - Let's hear it for Amazon!
  9. A sweater - You're not going to buy your best buddy pants but you can probably guess their shirt size pretty reliably. Just make sure that you include a gift receipt incase it that particular shade of green makes them nauseous.
  10. Something from your closet - when all esle fails - re-gift! Just make sure that you don't give it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. It happened to us this year and it was AWKWARD!


Carole Knits said...

Your list is good. I love the idea of flowers!

Nichole said...

Nice list... I was thinking flowers too!