Dec 13, 2010

Gingerbread House 2010 - Under Construction

It's that time of year again. Stinkerbelle is creating yet another work of art. As you can see, she hasn't gotten too far with it yet, but you've got to lay a good solid foundation or it all falls apart so we're going slow. I'll keep you posted.


I have been knitting but I really don't feel like I'm accomplishing much so there isn't much to share. Mostly my time lately is full of errands and running my girls here and there.

The most interesting thing about my weekend was a trip to the mall... to make a return. Back on September I saw a winter coat that was so cute, so perfect for me, that I bought it even though it was totally not on sale at the time. I was so excited because I haven't had a proper, sophisticated, adult winter coat in ages.

I had the sleeves altered for my short self and then I waited impatiently for the weather to get cold enough to justify wearing my wool coat. Around Thanksgiving I finally broke it out and it was all good until last Thursday when a grommet, one of the design details that really make the coat, popped off. Looking at the other grommets I saw that they were headed for the same trouble. Such a bummer!

This is where the story gets interesting though because the receipt was lost so I brought it back to Nordy with crossed fingers and, as it turns out, not much else. I had changed handbags the night before and forgot to transfer the checkbook I used to pay for it and my license. Ooops!

But Nordy customer service is legendary for a reason and the 2 people assisting me wouldn't give up until they found a way to get the defective coat returns and all my money refunded. We're all so quick to complain about things that go wrong that I thought it worth sharing service gone very right. I may not have my coat of epic cuteness but I do have my money back and that's very good.


Carole Knits said...

That's great that you got such good customer service. Too bad about the coat, though.

Manise said...

Glad you were able to return it.