Dec 22, 2010


I actually finished a little something recently. This was one of the test knits that I didn't finish on time. The less we say about that the better. I feel like a huge failure.

Happily while I failed, the shawlette is a win from start to finish. I'll start with the yarn which is Pagewood Farm Denali. I really loved working with this yarn. The feel of it is lovely and the dye job is just perfect. The color is called Violet Fusion and mostly it's a soft grey-violet as you'd expect but there are shots of a brighter, truer, purple and some that are a wonderful sage green and all together it balances perfectly.


The pattern is Wavebird by Christiane Burkhard. Most of the knitting is simple garter stitch which makes it perfect for TV knitting and that's where I did quite a lot of it. Then there are 2 bands of lace. The second, wider, one is nice but not terribly unusual. It's just the type of thing that fits in so well with so many patterns.


The other, narrower, band of lace is new to me and it makes me smile. It looks like a series of Cheerio's or grommets and I think that it's really neat.


You can't really tell from these pictures (and my lousy blocking job) but this is actually not a standard triangle. It's more of a set of curved wings and it get's that shape in part from the yarnovers at the start of each row. While it imparts a lovely shape to the piece I also love the finished effect of having a delicate, lacey, edge.

Love, love, love!


margene said...

The color of your yarn shows off the pattern beautifully! I love it, too!! Nice work.

Carole Knits said...

That's really lovely.

Manise said...

So pretty and yet so different! Love it!

Anonymous said...

.... it makes a nice baby shawl if you need a gift...