May 18, 2006


There’s a bunch of stuff that’s making me happy right now and that’s good because I can use some happy… heck, I need some happy to get me through the weekend ahead. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be a great weekend. I’m just woefully unprepared for it.

After what seem like eons since I had a finished object, I have Stinky Socks to show you. I am really happy with them and this time they fit perfectly.

Stinky SocksPattern: Mine
Yarn: KP Dye Your Own in Kool Aid
Dates: 4/31/06 – 5/17/06 (way to long!)

Notes: When I started these socks I planned to do the welt fantastic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I quickly realized that it wasn’t quite fit my plan so I started to modify and I love the variation that I came up with. I actually swatched for these and decided that 60 stitches was right for Stink. It sounds like a lot but I’m happy with the results. They’re not tight socks and they’re not meant to be. They’re also not tall socks because she pushes them down anyway. I took the number of stitches and the small scale of the person and the sock into the account and made additions (4 stitches in each repeat) and subtractions (only 4 rows of chevron pattern between garter rows). I chose an eye of partridge heel because I like it and a simple toe. Finally I decided to remove the garter rows from the pattern alltogether as it travelled down the foot for obvious reasons.

Stinky Socks 2

There’s another thing about this sock that I’m feeling very proud of – the yarn. It’s Knitpicks Color Your Own that I dyed with Stinkerbelle months ago. The colors are a lot better than I thought they were and there’s no pooling. I’m pretty sure that if I’d intentionally tried to create yarn that didn’t pool I’d have wound up with pools and puddles everywhere.

I’m also happy today because it turns out that Lindsey will only be in a cast for 3 weeks instead of the 5-6 they originally expected. Hooray! This means that it won’t interfere in too many planned activities. She’s still not happy about it and going to school today was hard for her because she’s certain that everyone will call her a spaz – and I’m sure she’s 100% correct. I tried to prepare her with a few witty comebacks like “I’m just evening things out” or “I’m collecting lots of points for frequent doctor visits.” Sadly I’m just not that witty. She smiled but I
know she’s not happy. Any better ideas?

By the way, the title of this post refers to the number of the posts I've made to this blog so far. To say that I'm shocked is an understatement. I've never had a diary or journal with more than half a dozen entries. I just forget where I left them or lose interest. Similarly, until I started knitting I was the queen of unfinished projects - now I finish things regularly. This may be corny but knitting seems to be having a positive effect on all aspects of my life except my wallet.


Emma said...

The socks are so cute, and what a fantastic dye job you did! Very impressive.

Melissa said...

The socks look awesome, the dye job is great!
Tell her to tell everyone that she saw where (insert goofy teen idol here) had one when they were her age.
That's my best's been a long day.