May 17, 2006

Murphy and HisLaw

I’m usually a very positive person but Murphy’s been screwing around in my shit again and I’m really irritated. Not only do things go wrong at the worst possible time – there is always the potential for things to be worse.

Last fall I changed jobs and on my last day at the old job the Drama Queen broke her wrist at school. I had arranged a few vacation days between jobs and it was somewhat irritating that I had to use time that I’d set aside for relaxation (and knitting) to take her to get her wrist set but that’s what being a parent is all about. The real stress in that situation was insurance related – due to the job change, when she broke the wrist and was seen in the ER we were on one policy but when it was set in a cast we were on another. It was confusing and stressful but it worked out.

Yesterday she did it again! This time it’s her right thumb. Yes, she’s right handed. She broke it right at the growth plate (whatever that means). They say that it’ll take 5-6 weeks to heal and that’s freaking her out because of all the stuff coming up in the next few weeks. Today she’s missing a standardized test – it’s math which is one of her best subjects. She’s a real student so not being able to take the test and show off what she knows is upsetting her. She also has her dance recitals (what color cast will go best with tacky recital costumes?) and horseback riding camp coming up. All of this is up in the air now.

I’m quite certain that there is still potential for her to break her hand/wrist again at a moment that is even more inconvenient but I’d rather not find out.

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Melissa said...

I'm sorry!! (((HUG)))
I hope she's better soon.