May 23, 2006

Mixed Bag

No post yesterday because I was sick – still am. I’m trying to get through what ever this is by ignoring it and the fact that I’m unable to eat anything. Not fun.

Friday night I did a little dying and what started out well ended horribly at 5 am on Saturday night. I kid you not. It was a mess but I’ll wait till tomorrow to give you the nasty details.

Saturday morning we went to a Bar Mitzvah. I awoke to the sounds of Bruce trying to convince Stinkerbelle to go take a bath. It went something like this:

B: Stink, go get in the bath. We all have to take showers before we go.
Stink: Does it say so on the invitation?

We all managed to get ourselves ready and as I was moving a select few items from my ten ton purse to a smaller, more elegant bag Stink came to me announced that she knew what I was doing. “You’re taking your sock – right Mommy?” No, I did not take my knitting to the Bar Mitzvah. That would’ve been bad form.

We got home and prepared for Stinkerbelle’s birthday party before I dove back into dyeing hell. I made the cake and this year it looked like this.

7th b cake

The party on Sunday was at a laser tag place right next door to a yarn store. Believe it or not, this was a total coincidence. I didn’t plan it that way at all. Not only that, I went into the store while we waited for everyone to arrive and I DIDN’T BUY ANYTHING. I was so proud of my restraint.

The laser tag itself was somewhat successful. I asked Stink at length before we made the reservation if she was certain that her friends would like it. She was firm in her belief that they’d all love it. Guess what! Not all 6/7 year old girls are up for running around in a loud, dark, room wearing laser tag packs that weigh nearly as much as they do. How’d Stink do? She was upset that they didn’t turn on the fog machine. She’s also protesting the scoring. Otherwise it was all good.

By the way, please remind me not to make predictions in the future. I did knit this weekend but I did not fiish the first green EL sock or the back of the U-neck sweater. Either of those were do-able but I cursed myself with a prediction and finished neither. The dyeing mishaps had something to do with it too.


margene said...

Dyeing can be dangerous! Hope you feel up to par soon!!
Glad the party went well. Happy Birthday to her!

Melissa said...

Tell her that I said Happy Birthday

Laura said...

Happy birthday to your little belle!! Our laser tag place is right next door to Hobby Lobby!! You ALWAYS need something at Hobby Lobby don't you? I seem to. heh